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We are a professional studio specializing in creating realistic architectural renderings, animations and virtual tours. Whether it's a single piece of furniture or an ambitious urban project, we're here to bring your ideas to life.

At our core, we value creativity, attention to detail, and realism. Each member of our team boasts extensive experience in architecture enabling seamless collaboration with various project documentation.
Communication is key, and we pride ourselves on making it a breeze for you.

Katerina Sali

Co-Founder +420 732 201 071

Katerina is a music nerd with artistic intuition and rich experience in the field of architecture and interior design. Katerina is constantly looking for new ways of creating digital images of architecture and the environment around us. She finds inspiration in metal and classical music, as well as in traveling to snowy Nordic landscapes.

Marina Karpovich

Co-Founder +420 730 662 927

Marina combines strategic thinking with artistic insight. With extensive experience in project management and planning, she can see both the details and the big picture. She has a passion for nature and ecology, which is also reflected in the visuals of Studiosme. She enthusiastically accepts new challenges and is not afraid to experiment.

In addition to strategic and day-to-day management, Marina and Katerina take care of the creative direction of the projects. They also stay in close contact with clients to understand their visions and goals.
Furthermore, the Studiosme team consists of CGI artists. Everyone is a little different and thus they complement each other.

Our team is a small family:

Kristina - Project Driver and Live Enjoyer

Damir- Senior CG Artist and Design Thinker

Anastasia - Senior CG Artist and Geography Lover

Valerij - Senior CG Artist and Professional Beach Tenis Player

Anastasia - CG Artist and Creative Soul

Sahak - CG Artist and Sportsman